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Kamal Hasan

On screen

Kamal may be adorned in brown leather boots, a red turban, baggi jeans, voicing a smart mouth preamble to his mesmerized audience. But off-screen Kamal ia laid back, casual and balanced. He says I don’t believe in astrology, but its like religion, who is to question anyonce faith.

The depth of the life line gradually diminishes and disappears before its full length, this indicates that the physical energy will dwindle gragually. This could happen when you are around 55 years. You will restrict

Life line starts from the well developed Mount of Jupiter. This has given the native finer jupitarian qualities such as confidence, self-assurance, honesty, dignity and a sense of pride. He will be in the limelight, respected and revered by the public. Strong Jupiter generally bestows an honorable position in the Government or big institutions, leadership qualities, talent for organization, etc. yourself to few projects however, there is a subsidiary line near the break in the life line, this will help you to over come the obstacles and yoy will maintain good health.

Restrict your roving eye : Oblique lines emnating from the mount of venus, means you will be popular with the opposite sex. But these cuts will create more ‘tension’ then tease. So be careful when your heart skips a beat when you are around a gorgeous woman.

You have a terrific horse sense : Your head line slightly inclines towards the mount of moon, you have a healthy amalgam of pragmatism and imagination. You will be multifaceted and balanced in your views.

You are generous and affectionate : The heart line is thin and long. You have a healthy heart. You are sympathetic and sentimental.

Jack of many trades : Your fate line stops at the head line. But there is a subsidiary line starting from the head line rises to the heart line. After the age of 35, you will diversify into other fields. You will have a trouble free period.

Rich & Famous : Your sun line originates from the head line. You will be very successful at the age of 35. Also you are gifted with a secondary line. Your success is due to your inherent ability. You will get profits in joint ventures.

Mind over Heart : Your mount of moon and venus are highly developed. Whenever you face a conflicting situation, you will listen to your mind (intellect) (Reason) and not your heart (feelings).

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