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Will Karunanidhi continue as C.M.?
By K.Murali Rao

The 77-year old Sri M.Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, is facing a tough election battle this time. Fate favoured him 4 times in the past with the highest office of chief ministership. Now, let us see what his hand has in store for him.


Life Line : It is well-formed and goes down the wrist of the hand indicating the longevity to be around 85 years.

Fate Line : This line is also well-formed and it has crossed the mount of Saturn. Corroborating this aspect with his longevity factor, he seems to be poised to serve the people for some years more by assuming the highest office of the state. He will himself step down after nominating his successor in due course. He will remain a political advisor till his last days.

Head Line : This well-formed line takes a turn downwards, heading towards the mount of Luna. This formation indicates his eyesight to be weak. The native is a man of pleasing manners and loves fine arts, poetry etc. Heart Line: This line running upwards towards the mount of Jupiter indicates invariably a healthy life.

Sun Line: Starting on the Mercury Line, it goes up to the mount of Sun denoting sound financial position.

Line of Mercury : Starting on the Life line, this line goes to the mount of Mars, indicating the immense popularity enjoyed by the native among the masses of Tamil Nadu. This formation proves him to be a self-made man. All the mounts are equally well-developed indicating all-round progress in life. The broad well-developed mount has blessed the native with the highest post in the state government. Jupiterians possess great organizing capacity, confidence and judgment power.

Fingers : Fingers standing out and getting spread speak of the natives independence of thought and action. He is also not bound by inhibitions. The large, long thumb indicates force of character and self-reliance. Extravagance is indicated by the large space between the thumb and the Jupiter finger, but gets corrected by the long Saturn finger. There are no bad marks on the palm.

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