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Nodes Change Signs
Rahu in Leo & Ketu in Aquarius
By B. K Chauhan

Lal Kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K.Khattar
RAHU’S entry in Leo ( Simha ) in its True motion, is on 9th Jan.2016 and Ketu in Aquarius on the same day.
Rahu ( Dragon’s head ) and Ketu ( Dragon’s Tail ) are the two cross-dots of ecliptic (Sun’s Path ) and Moon’s orbital path around the Earth. They always move in retrograde motion. They don’t possess any mass or volume. Naturally they don’t come under any definition like other planets in astronomical terms. Even then these two “shadow planets “have tremendous effect on mundane affairs as well as on human life. In the remote past, people used to recognise them as devils-who swallow the Sun and the Moon during eclipses.

Lunar eclipse occurs, when there is Full Moon within 11-38 degrees ( Celestial Longitude ) of a Node and Solar eclipse occurs, if there is a New Moon within 17-25 degrees of a Node. Lunar Nodes precession completes a revolution ( period of nutation ) in 18.612958 years. Multiple years of this nutation, sets stages of human life. The imaginary line that is drawn between Rahu’s head and Ketu’s tail is called Nodal axis. This axial line becomes the symbol of snake.

Here, tendency and behaviour of transits of Rahu and Ketu are considered from Moon Signs, taking other major planets (like Saturn, Jupiter ) into account. It is equally desirable to consider its transiting sign / house from the Ascendant, to have over all effect. As it is obvious that prediction based only on Moon Rasi has it’s own limitations, readers are suggested to show their natal charts to competent astrologers time to time, for thorough analysis.

Transit of Rahu in Constellations in Leo:

Articles Rahu in Uttara phalguni (1) upto: 26th April 2016
Rahu in Purva Phalguni upto :02nd Dec.2016
Rahu in Makha upto 09th Sept.2017 (then leaving Leo and entering Cancer)
Rahu in 5th; Ketu in 11th

ARIES (Mesha) :
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika 1 :
Rahu’s transit in Leo, 5th

General : Rahu’s transit in Leo, 5th to Aries-Moon is not a favourable transit. It may affect children’s progress or well-being. More expenditure is possible in connection to their education. Your health may suffer. Those who are in Shares and Stock market, may experience heavy loss. Gambling may land you into trouble and may cripple the day-to-day life. This transit may also affect the entertainment areas like sports, dance, music, theatre and education. If in politics, it may give rise first and ultimately fall. Athletes and upcoming talents may experience fall. Film industry-related people may experience short of work. Those who are in teaching / coaching line, will face some legal tangle or a kind of blame coming from student. The first Solar eclipse (partially visible in India) is on 9th March 2016, at 24-51 degree Aquarius. It will be in Purvabhadrapada. Aswini born (Aries Moon) natives will experience negative results. Bharani born people will have some better results, if Venus is well –placed in their charts. Krittika (First Pada) natives will face adverse results. However Jupiter in Leo from 13th July 2016 till 12th Aug.2016 will exercise control over the adverse results. Ketu in Aquarius will also be a balancing feature.

Students : Teenage students may get undesirable results in their tests/ examinations. They will experience delay in admission whatsoever.

Women : Those who are pregnant, will have to be cautious. Miscarriages or Surgeries are possible. Those involved in speculation also may suffer loss. Children may not obey you and hence worries will bother your mind.

Vedic Remedy : For students, reciting Sarasvatimantra 108 times, starting from a Friday, will help a lot. For women, reciting Vishnu-Sahasranaam, starting from a Wednesday, will give protection.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to indulge in any kind of speculative activities.
Worship Goddess Saraswati daily and chant Her mantras



TAURUS (Vrishabha) :
Krittika 2, 3, 4; Rohini; Mrigasira 1, 2.
Rahu in the 4th; Ketu in the 10th.

General : Taurus Moon (also from ascendant) natives will have Rahu in the 4th house, which doesn’ t give good results. It may affect property, agriculture, farming, crops etc. Those who are in mines mineral fields may remain restless. Due to fire / earthquake or electrical disturbances, damage to your house or factory etc. is not ruled out. Emotional disturbances throughout Rahu’s transit is foreseen. Mother’s health will be a cause of worries. Those who are suffering from Blood-pressure and Cardiac complaints must go for regular medical check-ups. Buying or investing in property under Rahu’s transit may land you into trouble. It is advisable not to invest in underconstruction property / house / flat till Rahu leaves Leo (on 09th Sept.2017). Some may abruptly go abroad, leaving the (parent’s) house for some reason or other. This is possible before 26th April 2016 or after 2nd Dec.2016 and before 9th Sept.2017.Solar eclipse in Aquarius on 9th March 2016 will affect the career / business. Those who are in export-import business will have smoky period. Those who are supposed to get ancestral property will be denied for the time-being or may experience disputes among the family members, as Saturn from Scorpio will aspect the 4th house, to delay things signified by the 4th house. Jupiter’s transit for Taurus is malefic currently; transiting from Leo along with Rahu is not good for expansion of any kind of business till 9th Sept.2017. Ketu in Aquarius (10th House) will also damage the career. Those in service, may be denied promotion or be transferred to undesirable places (city-town).

Students : Those 18/19 years old may get poor results, probably in their public examinations. It may affect the choice of Branch of study and admission thereafter. If birth chart suggests, chances of going abroad for further studies are there.

Women : Housewives will have domestic disturbances. Worries pertaining to spouse’s career is possible. Career-women may find hardship , more responsibilities without reward. Change of job or transfer to other Branch / department of present company is possible.

Vedic Remedy :For students, wearing Emerald and reciting Sarasvati-mantra daily , starting from a Friday using a Crystal Rosary (Maala) can reduce the adverse effects. For women, performing Satya- Naarayan Pooja on Poornimaa or on a Wednesday of the Bright half, will give protection.

Lal-kitab Remedies :Go for pilgrimage, near holy river. Help & respect your mother and elderly women.


GEMINI (Mithuna) :
Mrigasira 3, 4; Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3
Rahu in 3rd; Ketu in 9th.

General : Gemini Rasi natives will have Rahu in the 3rd house. Generally our seers have praised Rahu in the 3rd, giving “Saubhaagya “ to the natives. It is good for travelling abroad, also good for taking agency of foreign company or franchises of any sort. Rahu is confers for short journeys and friendly communications, close contacts, if no adverse effect is indicated in one’s natal chart. It is favourable for foreign trade and also dealing with any kind.

Solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 in Aquarius, opposed to Leo, influences writings, publishing, media, other means of communication and self development, education, religious matters etc. Gemini natives people can expect a possible surge of activity or events in one or more of these fields, positive or negative ( depending upon the strength of one’s natal chart. However Saturn’s 10th aspect, on Leo can enhance mental agony. It can give depression, mental fatigue or hyperactivity. Seek help from others.
Traders will be benefitted. Politicians will have mixed results. Neighbours and distant relatives may inflict in an unexpected adverse way. A distant phone-call or communication may upset your mood as well as your scheduled programmes. Postponement of journeys is likely.

Students : If Mercury is well placed in the natal chart, then Gemini students will have a very good period. They can plan and go for foreign education. They can study by way of distant universities. It will be a favourable time to learn foreign language.

Women : Husband’s long distance journey may disturb the routine life. Travelling to places of worship may take place. Those who are in family way, will have disturbing period.

Vedic Remedy : Rahu’s Stothra is to be recited daily starting from Wednesday. Feed ants and dogs on Tuesdays. Ganesh-Pooja-Archana- at home is recommended.
Not to change the position of pooja room temple in your house / office

Lal-kitab Remedies : Don’t sell household Gold; instead buy more. Maintain harmonious relations with your in-laws.

CANCER (Kataka) :
Punarvasu 4. Pushya and Aslesha
Rahu in 2nd; Ketu in 8th.

General : Finance and family, significations of the 2nd house, demand greater care to manage. One should try to save money under such circumstances. If other factors in the natal chart are not favourable, then problem with Tax-section, of the government is likely to come-up. For those who are in the joint-family, disputes, quarrel and separation are possible. Eyes and teeth need extra care. Food poison, or consuming expiry date-crossed medicines may land you in trouble. Health of spouse may be a major concern. Some obstacles may felt in getting P.F., Insurance money etc. 10th aspect of Saturn on Leo Rahu and Jupiter is again adverse and will affect the significations of 2nd house in general. Jupiter here in Leo, though afflicted, can give rise in business, and can give loan, if needed. Solar eclipse in Aquarius, on 9th March 2016 may reduce survival chances for those who are too old and suffering chronic disease, if longevity span is afflicted in the natal chart.

Students :Rahu in the 2nd house along with Jupiter aspected by Saturn may affect the studies. Hard work is the need of the hour. Raising funds by loan and going abroad for study is possible. Separation from parents and motherland temporarily is indicated.

Women : Tough period for study. Career women will experience setback. A change of job or department is likely. Those who are planning for a child, may face obstacle and delay for one or the other reason.

Vedic Remedy : Ganesh Strothra and Nava- Naag Stuti are to be recited daily. “Doom Durgaayei Namaha “mantra is to be recited 18000 times within 7 days , starting from a Tuesday.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Donate Black & White coloured woollen blanket in a Ganapathy temple. Meet important persons, after Sunset.


LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1
Rahu in 1st, Ketu in 7th

General :Those who have Leo-Moon at birth, will have Rahu transiting over their natal Moon for 18 months. This transit, called 1st Rahu, doesn’t give good results. Rahu afflicts the Moon and Ketu efflicts the 7th house as well. During this period, those who are in politics, sports, entertainment field, shares-stockscommodity market will experience adverse result. Mental stress in connection to children (Progeny) and worries for their study in foreign land are likely. Leo is both your body and mind. Increase of energy will be felt, whenever transit Sun is at its best during the course;, otherwise it can just reverse the result. Saturn’s 10th aspect may spoil the whole thing. It may blur your ego, vitality, vigour, power, command, confidence and leadership. Eclipses occurring during this Leo-Aquarius polarity may add fuel to fire. Energy may be positive or negative, depending on your natal Sun’s position. Parent’s health will be of concern. On the career front, it may affect promotion and elevation. However, Jupiter in Leo may control the situation. Around 30th Jan.2016, Jupiter will conjunct Rahu. This may create some natural calamity- and it can affect you individually also. Property-related issues may come-up. Heart patients will have to be more cautious. Those born in Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra may not have favorable results upto 26th April 2016; thereafter good period is ahead till 2nd Dec. 2016. Those born in Purvaphaalguni Nakshatra will be benefitted between 2nd Dec.2016 and 9th Sept.2017. Makhaborn natives will have maximum beneficial time. Ketu in the 7th will affect partnership as well as married life. Ketu can cut short business relationships, especially around eclipses dates. Odds and diversion may come in your way, during journey. Beware!

Students :Those who desire to go abroad for further study will succeed. Jupiter in Leo is favourable for higher studies abroad, particularly after April 2016.This demands more labour and less reward as Leo-Moon are under two and a half year Panoti (Panoti refers to Saturn’s transit for two and a half years, in 4th or 8th from natal Moon) from 26th Jan.2016. You will be free from Panoti after 26th Oct 2017.

Women : Those who desire to learn about Yoga can learn during Jupiter in Leo. Upto Aug.2016 Rahu in Leo may give you stress and worries about pregnancy, children and parents. Long leave / maternity leave is possible during this transit. Those who are in Sports arena will have better period. Housewives will face tough period.

Vedic Remedy : Recite Rahu Strothram daily. Chanting Nava-Naag stuti and Durgaa-Paath are also recommended. Wearing Emerald may reduce the adverse results.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Wear a Silver chain around the neck. Not to wear Blue clothes.


VIRGO (Kanya) :
Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4. Hasta, Chitra 1, 2
Rahu in 12th Ketu in 6th

General :For Virgo-Moon natives, Rahu in the 12th house, shows Vinaash (Destruction), according to tradition.12th house is generally a house of loss. Wasteful expenditure, dubious investment and hospitalization are likely. Also it signifies lock-up, jail, absconding, spirituality, sickness to spouse, eyes, vision etc. Saturn’s 10th aspect adds fuel to the 12th house significations listed above. Natives of Virgo-Moon should be cautious in investing money. Little error may spoil the whole thing. Health may deteriorate, particularly cataract operation or correction of vision by laser are possible. Those who are in commodity-bazaar, share-stock market may experience setbacks and heavy loss. Speculation may put them under trouble. Rahu –Ketu in 6-12 axis is disturbing, as far as service / job is concerned. Losing or changing job unwillingly is likely. Saturn in the 3rd, Rahu in the 12th, Ketu in the 6th can affect badly communication, travelling and going abroad. Signing important documents demands extra attention. Jupiter’s aspect on 6th and 4th houses suggests buying house by borrowing loan. Uttara Phalguni-born natives may have mental disturbance upto 26th April 2016 and favourable period upto 2nd Dec. 2016. Hasta-born natives may enjoy good time upto 26th April 2016 and adverse period there from upto 2nd Dec.2016. Chitra-born natives will have moderate period during Rahu’s transit in Leo.
Ketu in the 6th, squaring Saturn, threatens termination of job or posting far away from present place. Solar eclipse in Aquarius (Ketu) on 9th March 2016 can affect the job, health and your pets, if any .Be careful about your diet. Pancreas or intestines or Liver may get affected, as Lunar elipse will be in Virgo on 23rd March, 2016.

Students :9th March 2016 Solar eclipse may effect your competitive examinations during preparation and also in result. Some disturbances may be felt, due to unexpected shifting to a new house. However, Jupiter’s aspect on the 4th house, Sagittarius, can balance or reduce the negative effects.

Women : A long leave or maternity leave is possible. Natives awaiting a child will be blessed with the same, during the 2nd half of the year. Virgo eclipse on 23rd March 2016 may create misunderstanding between self and spouse. Short and long journeys should be avoided as much as possible.

Vedic Remedies : Budha-stothra or Vishnu Sahasranaam is to be recited daily. ‘Dum Durgaayei Namaha’ will be helpful. Wearing Emerald can reduce the negative effects.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Practise yoga and meditation regularly. Wear a Gold ring in the Ring finger of Left hand.


LIBRA (Thula) :
Chitra 3, 4. Swati, Visaka 1, 2, 3
Rahu in 11th, Ketu in 5th

General :Libra-Moon natives will have Rahu transiting in the 11th house of gain, the most beneficial one in the horoscope. It is a house of individual and group- friends. New and friendly communications are likely. Some agency or franchise may take favourable shape, due to presence of Jupiter there, being the third lord. This Jupiter can sanction loan for your child for further study. A long distance journey, a pilgrimage in particular, is possible during the 2nd half of Rahu’s transit in Leo. Long-awaited marriage proposal may materialize. Saturn’s aspect on Rahu and Jupiter in Leo, however , can affect health. Solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 in the 5th house, may affect badly those who are involved in business. Lunar eclipse in Virgo on 23rd March 2016 may affect the profession/ service and also the health of your spouse. Chitra-born natives will be benefitted, if efforts are put in right direction. Swati-born natives will have average period. Visakha-born natives will have good period upto 26th April 2016. Adverse period is between 26th April 2016 and 2nd Dec.2016 and after that, improvement will be seen till 09th Sept.2017. Ketu in the 5th may affect children, speculation and gambling, sports, service, profession etc.

Students : Those who are studying abroad will have better period. Jupiter in the 11th house is good for any competitive examination. However, Saturn’s last phase of Sadesati will not deny, but delay the result. For those who are around 18 years of age, Rahu in Leo will be helpful for admission whatsoever.

Women : Career women will experience average period; no promotion or elevation in status is foreseen during Rahu’s transit in Leo. Those who are expecting child, will have to be cautious; thorough checking and treatment are needed. Housewives will undergo strenuous period, as Saturn in the 2nd will increase family responsibility or burden.

Vedic Remedies : Ketu-Stothra is to be recited daily. Ganesh-homa also can reduce the malefic effect. Cat’s eye in Silver ring may work positively. Durga-names are to be recited daily, starting from Friday.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to keep fire arms in the house. Whenever possible, feed elephants with Sugarcane and Bananas.


SCORPIO (Vrischika) :
Visaka 4, Anuradha, Jyeshta
Rahu in the 10th ; Ketu in the 4th

General : Scorpio-Moon natives will have Rahu transiting in the 10th house. It will influence the arena of career, power, parents, superiors, authority, leadership etc .Here Rahu is said to be giving good results. Those, who are in politics, will have better period. Competitors will be defeated, if natal chart has Rajayoga. Wholesale traders will be benefitted, retailers will have minimum profit. Those who are wholly depending on Stock / Share-market will have volatile graph on their personal balance-sheet. Solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 in the 4th house, will damage their respect. Property-dealers will witness their lowest career graph. Buying under- construction property during Ketu in the 4th should be avoided. Saturn transiting over natal Moon will aspect the 10th house and form square aspect to Rahu-Ketu-Jupiter, which will affect the brain and heart. Superiors and those who are in power in any area of life may experience setback. The axis of 4th and 10th houses (IC/MC) is under check. Parent’s health will be a great concern. Visakha-born natives will have better period till 26th April 2016, if proper efforts are put into action. Thereafter upto 2nd Dec.2016, period is somewhat shakey in the area of career. Anuradha-born will have frustrating period till 26th April 2016. Thereafter, period of improvement would prevail till 9th Sept.2017. Jyeshta-born nativeswill be benefitted initially till 26th April 2016, but challenging period will prevail later ahead till 02nd Dec.2016. Ketu in the 4th can separate one from family or the mass. It may also affect the parents and property as well.

Students :5th lord Jupiter from the Moon-sign is now transiting the 10th house, where Rahu also is present. This Yoga can improve your studies and can give favourable results. Transit Saturn on natal Moon, however, can make one lethargic. Jupiter-Rahu conjunction would create more problems, around 30th Jan.2016.

Women : Career-women may get mixed results. Those desiring change of job may get suitable ones; but change of office-premises / branch is also likely for some. Over-burden of work or tiresome tasks may frustrate you. House wives will be burdened with extra responsibilities.

Vedic Remedies :
Chanting of Durga Mantra during Rahu kalam daily and reciting Ketu Srothra daily will reduce the adverse effects. Ganesh Pooja is recommended on Tuesdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Wear a White Cap, whenever you go out in Sun. Donate Yellow Chana dal, to a priest every Thursday .


Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1
Rahu in 9th ; Ketu in 3rd

General : Rahu transiting Leo, 9th to natal Sagittarius- Moon, is said to be giving Santaap ( Agony ) to the native. 9th house being Bhagya-Bhava, Rahu’s dark shadow afflicts the house and affects its other significations like Bhagya, Religion, Higher Education, going abroad, law etc . If natal Sun is weak, then Rahu here threatens health, wealth, name and fame .Those who are in education field, affiliated to universities will suffer. Solar eclipse in Aquarius on 9th March 2016, 3rd and 9th house axis will affect people in business like tourism, transportation, export- Import etc. Planning for world travel is possible, because Leo Jupiter aspects Sagittarius-Moon, being in the 9th house. However, odds and hurdles cans spoil the mood. Sagittarius teachers and professors, educationists will have somewhat better results. Aquarius eclipse on 18th Aug.2016 will affect the politicians. Leaving one party and joining an other one is possible, for opportunity-driven politicians. Those who are in research in science will have better period. Farmers will have tough period. It will also affect people in Journalism, computer industry, telecommunication field and also in communicationequipments business. Making agreement with partner or taking agency will affect those who are concerned with such type of business. Parent’s health will be a cause of worry. Those who are dealing with foreign exchange, currency field etc will have moderate results. Moola-born natives will have adverse result between 10th Jan.2016 and 26th April 2016; thereafter better period till 2nd Dec 2016. Purvashada-born will have adverse period up to 26th April 2016. Uttarashada-born people will experience mixed results during Rahu’s transit in Leo. Ketu in the 3rd will affect the traveling agencies, franchise, transportation, journalism, airline-related work in general.
Students :Students around 18 years of age will have change of University/college, may be for better prospects in the long run. Option for distance education is open for Sagittarius-Moon students. Sade-sati would demand more labour, discipline and hard work. Those who are in Advance course of education or in research will experience moderately good result.

Women : They will have great enthusiasm, because Jupiter, their Rasi-lord, aspects the natal Moon. However, Jupiter conjuncts Rahu around 10th Jan.2016 in Leo, which will have adverse effect to children’s education. Those who are in career will be denied promotion or transferred to unwanted branch / town city. Expecting mothers will have mixed results.

Vedic Remedies : Reciting Rahu stothra during Rahu-Kaal is suggested. Worship of Lord Ganapathy and reciting Vishnu Sahasranaam will be helpful.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to fall in the trap of insincere well-wishers. Maintain harmonious relations with blood relatives.


CAPRICORN (Makara) :
Uttarashada 2, 3, 4. Sravana, Dhanishta 1, 2.
Rahu in 8th; Ketu in 2nd

General : Rahu’s transit in Leo for Capricorn-Moon natives is in the 8th house therefrom. This is the most negative house in any chart, for any Capricorn-native. It directly affects one’s finance and family matter, as Ketu is in Aquarius in the 2nd house . Those who are in the field of banking /finance or loan-sanctioning agency will have to be careful in their dealings. Businessmen will have to struggle hard, for maintaining funds to run business smoothly. Loss or heavy penalty or Tax will be levied by the Government to some. Those who are in Insurance, PF section, lotteries etc. will face difficulties in their profession. Expenditures will increase. Those who are dealing with other people’s money, debts, inheritance, taxes, settlement, loans or partner’s or spouse’s money will feel the impact moderately. Accident or surgery is possible, if Mars is transiting in Leo-Aquarius polarity or squaring Rahu if transiting in Taurus or Scorpio. This effect can be felt right from the end of Feb. 2015 till 20th Sep.2016 , where Mars will be transiting in Scorpio squaring Rahu. As Moon sign lord Saturn transiting in Baadhak house, longevity will be affected, particularly to those who are too old or handicapped, bedridden. Cataract operation or Visioncorrection by Lazer is not advisable, during Rahu’s transit in Leo or it may damage vision, particularly if the operation is set around Aquarius eclipse taking place on 9th March 2016 and 18th Aug,2016. Lunar eclipse can also affect, occurring on 1st Sept. 2016 in Leo. Leo being the sign of the base of the heart, heart-patients will have to take extra care. Theft or losing ornaments is possible. Those born in Uttarashadha will have average period upto 26th April 2016. Thereafter better period will prevail upto 2nd Dec.2016. Again, difficult period will ensure. Sravana born natives will have better period up to 26th April 2016 and average upto 2nd Dec.2016 Again better period will prevail between 2nd Dec.2016 and 9th Sept.2017. Dhanishta-born natives will have good period up to 2nd Dec.2016. Ketu in Aquarius, being in the 2nd to Capricorn-Moon can damage finance, It will drag the native to vices and wrong food habits. It can separate the native from own family. Learning a foreign language is possible.

Students :Those who are studious and hard working may reap good result. Those who are 18 years of age will get less than the expected result. They may face problems in financial and family matters, which can affect their study. Medical students will suffer more, who have their natal Sun, weak and afflicted.

Women : Career-women will have good period. Housewives will have average, yet rewarding period. Those who are not blessed with child since long period after marriage might think of adopting a child. Backache and spinal cord-related pain are likely. Beware of thieves snatching chains and purses, during Rahu’s transit in Leo.

Vedic Remedies : Durga-stothra is to be recited daily. Mrityunjay-Jaap, daily 108 times is recommended. Feed the labourers on Wednesdays with devotion.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Control your temperament and not to raise your voice. Don’t go out of the way, to help the strangers.


AQUARIUS (Kumbha) :
Dhanishta 3, 4. Satabisha, Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3 .
Rahu in 7th; Ketu in 1st

General : Aquarius Moon natives with Rahu transiting the 7th house and Ketu crossing the natal Moon, will be in Nrip-bhaya (Fear from King ). This Aquarius / Leo polarity afflicted by Rahu / Ketu shows no cordial relations with spouse, partner and any other person, with whom one deals, particularly in business. Important relations with others or business-partnership may either begin or conversely end. Spouse, close friend or children will have important and enduring change. Social contacts, and public relations may get stimulated. Jupiter in Leo upto 12th Aug.2016 is beneficial. It may build new contacts and individual friendships or group affiliations, new agencies, correspondence etc. Saturn transiting simultaneously from the 10th house, for Aquarius-Moon natives is also beneficial for new venture / business. It will be a slow but steady progress. New partnership, during Rahu’s transit in Leo should be avoided. Very good period is ahead for your children. Going abroad is possible, if their horoscopes have the potential. Rahu in Leo can create separative effect in conjugal life. Illicit relations, if any, can create trouble in personal life. If applicable, any long-pending legal battle / divorce will come up. Eclipses in Aquarius on 9th March 2016 and 1st Sept.2016 would add fuel in this respect. Dhanishta-born natives will have better period upto 2nd Dec.2016. Satabisha natives will have moderate period upto 26th April 2016, but better period thereafter, upto 2nd Dec 2016. Poorva-bhadrapada natives will have struggling period upto 26th April 2016 and moderately unfavourable period thereafter upto 2nd Dec.2016.
Ketu transiting over the natal Moon (Aquarius) is not good. It may give mental disturbances, headache and feeling alienation from self. Foggy and Smokey state of mind during the course of Ketu transit is possible.

Students :For those who have Mercury strong in their natal chart, transit of Rahu and Ketu will be helpful in study in foreign land, as the aspect of transit Jupiter, in Leo, is supportive. However Ketu over natal Moon may put you into confusion in deciding the study- line , if applicable.

Women : Those who are of around 18 years of age will have confusing mind, in deciding educational line. Rahu may create hurdles in getting admission, whatsoever. Marriageable-age women may experience delay and dejection. Separation, if the natal chart has the necessary indications, is possible, during this transit period.

Vedic Remedies : Daily chanting of Ketu- Stothra is recommended. Ganesh-worship and recitation of Durga-Stothra also will be helpful.

Lal-kitab Remedies : You and your spouse shouldn’t wear Blue clothes. Keep water of a holy river at home.

PISCES (Meena) :
Poorvabhadrapada 4, Uttarabhadrapada, Revati .
Rahu in 6th; Ketu in 12th

General : Scriptures have recognized Rahu’s transit in the 6th as conoferring Mahaa-sukh (Great comfort, happiness). This is because Rahu, the demon, destroys the evil effects of significations of 6th house, like diseases, enemies, competitors and hence creates great happiness. Rahu here can give opportunity to have job in a firm, affiliated to foreign-company. Jupiter in Leo aspects the 10th house and the 2nd house of finance, which can be supportive. Politicallyinvolved natives will have moderately good period. Government servants also will have rewarding period, if their natal Sun is well-placed. Those who are in pharma, medicine line also will be benefitted. Those who are in the teaching field will get opportunity to study further. Traders and marketers also will fare better, during Rahu’s Leo-transit.
However, those who are Cardiac patients, will have to be more careful as Solar eclipse on 1st Sept.2016 falling in Leo, can deteriorate the health, particularly in the body-areas like Back, spinal cord or heart.
6th house is the house of service / employment. One has to improve skill and craftsmanship to earn more. This is basically a Mercury’s area; so it is the disciplined training of mind. Hence the native need to improve concentration and efficiency, through devotion to work, skilful in handling of practical tasks and responsibilities. The native should be careful in choosing diet, particularly there are chances to remain undiagnosed of the specific disease. Rahu here challenges the medical science and proper diagnoses is beyond reach. Illness generally is psychosomatic rather than physical.
Those who are born in P.bhadrapada will have good period, if efforts are put into right direction till 26th April 2016; thereafter moderate period is upto 2nd Dec.2016; then very favourable period is between 2nd Dec.2016 and 9th Sept.2017.


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