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“Kalasarpa Dosha yields good results in the later part of life”Dr. N. Jnanasekaran in conversation with Hemamalini Raghunathan

Man who has a natural tendency to do a lot of mistakes (sins) is always afraid of the after-effects of his sins. When it appears as KSD, he is completely shaken. Rahu-Ketu axis does matter much. Karmic seed enters through Ketu and comes out of Rahu with reward or punishment.

rama-palaniappanMany of us love to read about Kalasarpa dosha(KSD). Inspite of lack of reference in the classical treatises, many kinds of interpretations, remedial measures etc do make rounds amongst us. Here are quite convincing explanations, given by the learned Dr. N. Jnanasekaran about Kalasarpa Dosha. He has got a Ph.D. in the Civil Engineering field. He has specialized in Structural Engineering. He took up teaching as his profession. After retirement, Dr. N. Jnanasekaran (mobile:9443552698; email:njnanasekaran wanted to learn Astrology and passed Diploma in Astrology in 2000. Then onwards, he kept enriching his knowledge in astrology day-by-day and has been helping his friends and relatives in this field. A few of his articles are published in EST also.

Dr. N. Jnanasekaran took special interest in Kalasarpa dosha, while analyzing horoscopes. He has also been matching horoscopes and guiding in the choice of profession.

Why do people generally fear about Kalasarpa Dosha(KSD)?
Man has freedom of choice in his action. The reward or punishment for his action is with God. Karmic effect come to a person through Rahu and Ketu. Man who has a natural tendency to do a lot of mistakes (sins) is always afraid of the after-effects of his sins. When it appears as KSD, he is completely shaken.

Classical treatises hardly refer to KSD. Then how did the evolution of KSD theory happen?
The theory might have been developed from our mythology. Devas and Asuras got succeeded in getting Nector from Milky Ocean. It was served to Devas first. One Asura by name Suvarbam managed to get a share of it. Moon and Sun exposed his act to Lord Vishnu. He chopped his head off from the body for his act. Since he had overcome death, by partaking the Amrit, the head was attached to the tail of a snake and body was attached to the head of the snake. One Asura has become two persons. They are Rahu and Ketu. They prayed Brahma and got included with the other seven planets and the concept of Navagrahas evolved.

Scientifically, the two meeting points of Sun’s orbit and Moon’s orbit are called Rahu and Ketu. They are also called Shadow planets.

Please explain in detail, with case-studies, the working of KSD as various types.
Kala Sarpa Dosha (KSD) is said to be caused, when all the planets are within Rahu and Ketu. It requires further explanation.

There are three parameters in this Dosha
1. Rahu and Ketu
2. Other seven planets and lagna.
3. Direction of movement of planets mentioned in 2 above.

A schematic diagram covering the above three aspects are shown below:

A person with KSD is experiencing obstacles in life. Progress is retarded and marriage is delayed. However after 30 years. Dosha becomes Yoga and his growth is enhanced. Two reasons can be attributed to the above Dosha.

1. When Rahu or Ketu is with one planet, the planet becomes weak. It is known that Venus with Rahu affects the family life. When all the planets are between Rahu and Ketu, it is a sort of “hemming between the malefic.” In such a case, the adverse effect may be more.

2. Karma of a person enters though Ketu and comes out of Rahu with reward or punishment. The person with KSD experiences much greater struggle compared to the influence of a single planet.
Four types are to be considered when deciding KSD
Type 1: All the planets are within Rahu and Ketu, and moving towards Ketu (Anuloma). This is typical KSD.

Type 2: All the planets are within Rahu and Ketu, and moving towards Rahu (Viloma).

Type 3: One planet is with Rahu or Ketu and others are within Rahu and Ketu. Planet with Rahu or Ketu is to be carefully studied and decided, whether it is KSD or not.

Type 4: More planets are outside Rahu and Ketu. This is not obviously KSD.

Example for Type 1 (Anuloma KSD)

In Taurus, Rahu is at 5° and Lagna is at 7°. Lagna falls after Rahu

Independence birth chart of India is a typical example of KSD.

At the birth of the country itself, millions of people were killed and huge amount of compensation had to be paid to Pakistan. India was in divided condition. Sardar Patel with his bold steps brought the united India. The problem of hunger and disease had to be solved. It had to rise up from nothing. Leaders of our country with great vision and political wisdom brought the image of the country to the fore-front. Progress in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Industry, Army, Finance etc. were spectacular. Whenever our neighboring countries gave pinpricks, they were suitably retaliated.

When the world was facing economic crisis, our country stood the test, because of the planning pattern of Reserve Bank of India and the basic culture of our people. This is a typical example of KSD, in which initial phase has problems and the later phase prosperity.

Another Example for Anuloma KSD

The horoscope of Jawaharlal Nehru is another typical example of KSD.

Though he was born in a rich family and was practising as a leading lawyer, he sacrificed his personal comforts for the cause of our country. His wife also passed away in his earlier age. Ultimately, he became the first Prime Minister of our Country and laid foundation for the growth of nation. His first half of life was full of struggles and in the later half, he had a princely life. His daughter Mrs. Indira Gandhi and grandson Rajiv Gandhi were shot dead. The influence of KSD penetrates upto a minimum of three generations.

Example for the Type 2 (Viloma KSD)
The popular Lawyer Alladi Krishnaswamy..

All the planets are hemmed-in-between the Nodes, and moving towards Rahu. He was a famous lawyer and earned huge wealth. He was expert in his field. His contributions to the Indian constitution are noteworthy.

Many intricacies are involved in KSD. It is suggested that a horoscope with KSD need to be identified and treated with caution.
Does KSD have anything to do with offence done to snakes in the previous birth?
Experience indicates that there is a connection between harming of snakes and KSD. From my experience, I have seen a rich person owning 30 acres of land and having his residence there. But the area had many snakes. He used to kill the snakes for his protection. Three generations were not able to enjoy it. The property was under litigation for nearly 20 years. Only his grandson and granddaughter compromised the case and were able to get a fraction of it and enjoy it now. The grand daughter’s horoscope in given below:

This is an example of Type 2 in Viloma KSD, in which all the planets move towards Rahu. Type 2 can be taken as a mild form of Type 1 (Anuloma).

How about any special influence of Rahu–Ketu axis?
Rahu-Ketu axis does matter much. Karmic seed enters through Ketu and comes out of Rahu with reward or punishment. For example, if Rahu is in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house, Karmic effect enters the 8th house and the effects are seen from the 2nd house and its trines (namely 2,6,10). It is shown in the figure below:

Similarly KSD effects can be inferred for other Rahu–Ketu axis.

What are the Remedies for KSD?
Kalahasthi is famous for KSD remedy. It is performed by temple authorities. It is done on all days during Rahu kalam period. It is reliable.
  • Rudra Abishekam to Lord Shiva is another remedy.
  • Abishekam ticket for Milk or Rose water can be got from the temple office and the devotee can go near the Sanctum Santorum and have good darshan of Lord Shiva.
  • Remedy can be done in the stars of Rahu and Ketu, and Full Moon and New Moon days.
  • A pious life and worship of a deity will ward off many evils.
  • Naga Pooja and Naga pratishta can be done at Rameswaram.

    Any remedy done according to his ability and done with sincerity and devotion will yield good results.

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